Life Membership Award

Pat Hagen being awarded with her a Life Membership Certificate
Pat Hagen being awarded with her Life Membership Certificate

At the Takapuna Spin In on the 22nd April 2009, it gave me great pleasure to award to Pat Hagen of Eastern Spinners and Auckland Fun Felters, the Life Membership of the Auckland Area. This is in recognition of all the work Pat has done both at group level and for the Area. Most of us do not see just what she does, but things get done and then you find out Pat has done them.

Pat is a fount of knowledge which she shares with all and more especially me, whom she keeps on the straight and narrow. If I have a problem I run it past Pat who quickly sees what is needed and a way round it. The committee were unanimous in voting Pat a Life Member. Auckland now has three Life Members all, who have over the past years shared their knowledge and worked hard for this Area, which is the only area which has seen growth this last year.

Sue Betts
Auckland Area Delegate


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