Dartmoor Dyeing Day

Sue Blanchard and Kim O’Connor took us through the Dartmoor Dyeing Project today, hosted at the Handweavers & Spinners Guildrooms… and boy, did we have fun! It was a fascinating process to go through, and is great for a group project. If you’d like the details on how to do it, please contact us on cfauckland@gmail.com.

Between each batch, we occupied ourselves with doing a little hand-painting of yarns and fibre that we’d brought along. Some knew just what they were after, and for others it was a brand-new experience. Mostly we nuked things in the microwave, and Kim also did one in a plastic bag, popping it on top of some simmering fleece to steam and set the dye – worked a treat, so maybe we’ll see another workshop on ‘boil-in-the-bag’ dyeing…

After several hours of work, we wound up with 48 different shades, tints and tones – all out of the original four (red, blue, yellow, jade). And we all took a little bit of everything home! Pretty impressive, huh?


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