Lynne Johnson What a week :)

Absolutely amazing.

Day One:   Diamonds  ladies diamonds, large, small, elongated for a hat or scarf, crazy quilt them into jackets and shawls, even zig a zag them. Hats with knitted in shaggy lid bits. A shape with transformer potential.  Create a garment then without moving a seam turn make it into some things else. And as for that super garter stitch knitting on the move just became really exciting as there are no errors only exciting details.

Day Two: Cirlces of  laughter, lots of learning and more laughter, knit a bit, pop a chocolate for brain activity enhancement, knit a bit more, each choosen method of circle became a creative embleshment, self discovery and sharing was the outcome of the day.   Rediscovering hand and finger knitting and as for i-cord casting on made so simple.

Day Three:  Garter stitch with holes?  Rubbishy cast offs knotted and knitted into boas. Telephone numbers formed patterns, music notes where knitted rather than written, clever young lass:).  And as for the the shawls made of crepe paper.  I loved today not for the stitching we learned but for the history Lynne shared by creating a knitted gartment from the memory of her mum from her grandmother, to share with her family.

A big thank you to Lynne Johnson for all her wonderful ideas and amazing ability to extract ideas from others, we all came away with something to be excited about.

Photo to come


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