September Spin In 30 September 2009

Looking forward to this month’s Spin In as we have just have the most amazing two months of fun, with the retreat day in August learning the bead knitting and tapestry weaving on a paua shell.  The Open Day just gone, we saw some wonderful button making going on there, and wouldn’t it be lovely to see a bunch of crochet peonies and knitted flowers, along with all the other beautiful creations you’ve been busy with since our last gathering.

So come along and show off.

Dr Mac is able to be available for the spin in for anyone who has a wayward wheel or two, so as to make the most of his valuable time would you kindly email Lyn Walsh to let her know so that she can arrange for him to be there.

Lyn Walsh
Devonport Spinners & Weavers


Spinners and Weavers

Spin In

Wednesday September 30

St Georges Church Hall

9:30 – 12:30

CF members $2,

non-members $5

Guest Speaker –

Denise Hosty

of Costume Studio


Priscilla Lowry, silks

Sue Blanchard, wools

Sharon Dooney, carded wools

And first time trader:

Ashford Agents,

Maggie and Mike

“Wheels and Whorls”

Plus the usual stalls and raffles

and Don’t forget your SHOW



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