It’s been a million years since I went to an A & P Show

Being a citified body for so long I haven’t been to one of these shows since forever but I had the most amazing fun, it was like an impromtu Spin In with the visitors being the public, the little boys were mesmerized by the wheels,  and little girls loved the idea of  spinning like the ” OLDEN”  days 🙂

We even had the odd dog bought in for inspection to see if their wool was soft enough to be spun.  While the donkey wasn’t long enough to spin it was very polite when inspecting the wheels.

Our Ladies did really well in the competition entries they were in. The Lady who got first in the spun yarn has only just returned to spinning a couple of months or so ago.

WE must mark this event in our creative fibre diaries for next year, as we can enter more items, with more spinning entries we could help encourage more individual catergories, a perfect place to show off our work.  And you felters and weavers would clean up for sure.

While Mr Clip was a show of his own Sharon scored some sun rays while spinning like a princess on the back of his shearing truck.  And someone has aquired a Drysdale Fleece much to the horror of our lovely Delegate.


One thought on “It’s been a million years since I went to an A & P Show

  1. Excellent post, Kim! A million years, huh? Too funny! I’m definitely planning to make it there next year with spinny things and suchlike in tow…

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