The Change of Guardianship is done

Our AGM has been completed and the guardianship of our Auckland Area has been placed into new humble hands, and we have the “hugest” shoes to follow, as Sue and her team have done such a wonderful job through the years, it was moving to hear such wonderful praise and thanks towards them.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Brightside Spinners and Weavers for putting on a lovely morning tea, keeping the luncheon, of all the beautiful food you all bought a long to share, running smoothly, and their men for helping with the setting up and clearing and loading of cars afterward.

Up coming events this next year are the Autumn Home Show for which we have all been experimenting with sock ideas, for the SOCKS ON PARADE walk on the display wall.  Sue Blanchard is kicking the new year off with a natural dye day end of January, closely followed by Sue Betts Red Hill crews’ special Spin In, then theres the Spin Ins through out the year held in Takapuna.

And of course before we get to all those events you all have your own group end of year celebrations.



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