Hubble Bubble Toil and Smelly

The Natural Dye Day held at Sue Blanchards’  was the smelliest fun day to be had.  Sue had brewed up some Tanakaha bark which produced an interesting orangey/brown for the first dye lot then changed again as more went in. We had eucalyptus, lichen (wooah we need smellacam for you to appreciate the pong of that pot), dahlia which became an interest type of yellow, flax, now, there’s a product to play with, one lot came out a sunburnt orange, then the yarns went from pinkish brown to muddy brown, the orange weed flower gave us a bright yellow although the dye pot looked orange.

My friend Esther and I brewed up again when we got home, our goal was to find green, with all the green foliage we had gathered and brewed we achieved various browns, so we started to play with the kitchen chemistry set, we found creams, but not greens. 

The next day I brewed up again to use up any left overs, one brew was eucalyptus, cream of tartar, alum, and a rusty chain rescued from the boat. The brew looked disgusting but the fleece turned out a type of camo green:)

Some ladies came along to acid dye which some had not done before the amazing thing was they mostly went for the autumn colours where as last year the colour scheme was more summery colours.  Our fearless leader bought some knitted rectangles along and decorated them with acid dyes, can’t wait to see the knitting that comes from them, hopefully at the next Takapuna spin in. (no pressure 🙂

Latest Up Date: Sue Blanchard got GREEN from her Tansy stew:)


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