Southern Groups Spin In

On Saturday 27 February, the Southern groups (Red Hill, South Auckland Spinners) held a Spin In at Opaheke Primary School. There was a good attendance and a busy buzz of activity throughout the day as we went from activity to activity.

Hazel Harty showed us how to spin art yarn, with many fun and fabulous examples being busily produced; then it was all on for who could spin the longest thread. The winner was Hilde Blank with 73 wraps (on the niddynoddy, not WPI), closely followed by several other spinners ranging from the high 60s to 72 wraps.

Alongside these activities were knitters knitting up a storm of rows for blankets for Kidz First, a spot of crocheting, toe-up socks and a bit of wrestling with Navajo plying (such a great skill to learn!).

The final ‘challenge’ of the day was casting on for the moebius scarf, taught by Jenny Ellwood-Wade, assisted by some who had ‘been there before’. It was definitely challenging for those new to this technique, but so rewarding as we finally cast on and started knitting rows which magically went round and round holding the ‘twist’ that’s unique to the moebius. If you’d like to try it, check out the video tutorial for the cast-on method we learned.

With tea, coffee and munchies available throughout the day, a big pile of raffles, a yummy lunch, and keen participation from some wonderful vendors, there was something for everyone.

A big thanks to all those who organised this Spin In, and we sure hope it won’t be the last!


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