Royal Easter Show Alpaca display

Imagine 5 days of showing off our craft to the public, with the luxury of spinning a competition fleece of the gods.

Jenny created a beautiful display of her wonderful woven wrap and jacket, along with her knitted jacket, mitts and beanie there hung some lovely handspun alpaca hanks and a knitted shawl.

Passersby were encouraged to feel the shorn fibre, touch the carded product ready for spinning, watch the ladies spin, and admire with both their eyes and fingers a finished product. Some of the children were able to help treadle the old-fashioned wheel, which showed them how to spin fleece into yarn, some were excited to just be allowed to touch, some to feel the yarn twisting as it was entering the hole to feed onto the bobbin.

Jenny and Martin had good news: one of their display boys came in second for his grading, well done 🙂 then the next day Jenny was “home baby watching”, they became the proud parents of a brand new cria. 🙂 🙂

It was a fun few days and we did get some very interested ladies wanting to know more of who we are and what we do, so well done all those who helped.


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