Festival Fun in Whangarei

In a short visit to Whangarei I met some of our Auckland Ladies lost in the trades centre.  While we were all bought up to look with our eyes, when it comes to fibres all those rules are left at the entrance.  Especially for one of the stalls, this one gave you the mouth watering feeling of  looking  into a LOLLY jar and touching was essential.

The most beautiful handcrafted spinning wheel was on display and heavily guarded by its owner, the wheel is a one of a kind built with the loving hands of her husband, it even had hearts on it :).   The wheel has not only turned out the practical yarn for useful items, but has been used to make the most amazingly spider web thin thread imaginable, the shawls which were created from it are whisper thin, while Patti is modest of her work she deserves the award she won.

Our very own lovely Bev Latimer had 2 felting entries which were admired and talked about by all that went through the exhibit.  Meg’s oppossum entry was cute, she bravely blended some donated oppossum fur, for the coin purse.


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