Crochet Coral at the Auckland Museum

An update on our visit to the Museum on Sunday, it was officially the end of the coral garden display at the Museum, we have been asked if we would mind if our piece could go as part of  a travelling display to art centres and other museums around New Zealand, I figure what better way to show of your work, to the public.  So bon voyage for now coral have a happy journey.  Will keep you posted for where it stops near you via email.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

It’s up and looking good.  My son and I went to the Museum for two reasons: Sir Edmund Hillary’s ice pick 🙂 and the Coral Reef we all took part in forming.

Thanks to a stash clean out and an old something knitted the coral was sewn on to all three pieces, now it is hanging on the great wall of crochet coral at the Auckland Museum.  We took our precious collection along Saturday morning, met a couple of honorary Aucklanders from Creative Fibre Cambridge. They also took an amazing collection of creations one of the girls had added shells to that she had collected from a beach down that way.

Here is a small taste of our efforts for a better look hop along to the Museum


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