Jacey Boggs + Majacraft = Magic

Insubordiknit Workshop,Tauranga 2011
Contact Glynis Poad for your place at:
Majacraft Ltd
ph 0064 7 543-3618

Class description:

The 2011 New Zealand 2 day Insubordiknit workshop is hardcore and softcore spinning.  But all of my workshops are designed for those that want to spin fantastical textured yarn with a technical hand, focusing on good construction and balance as much as texture and whimsy. With the fiber and hand control that many of these techniques demand, I firmly believe that prowess in one style of spinning can only make you more adept in another. Both days of all my workshops are equally challenging and brimming with cool techniques. Special attention will be paid to making all of these yarns balanced or acceptably balanced (yes, it’s possible with all but one technique), structurally sound, and workable. I’m a knitter and I want you to be able to knit with them!
The softcore portion will start with basic corespinning and expand from there. Using a variety of materials including carded roving, textured batts, mohair locks, combed top, loose fiber, we’ll cover lots of unspun fiber corespinning techniques including some or all of basic corespinning, coreless corespinning, cocoons, beehives, tex ritter, and tailspinning.
The hardcore spinning portion covers many exciting textural plying techniques including anchored coils (we’ll cover thick and thin first), super coils, stacks, trap stacks, and the tornado. Focus will be on creating beautiful, unique, but ultimately stable and usable textured yarns. 
These textured yarn techniques can be as tame or as outlandish as you choose but any way you spin it, they will improve your fiber and hand control and give you a deeper understanding of yarn structure.
Skills needed
you should:
have a working relationship with your wheel
have basic spinning skills (drafting, spinning a single, the mechanics of plying)
Stuff you need to bring:
–a wheel, any wheel, don’t worry about the size of your orifice, they all work! If you have a plying or bulky head and bobbins, bring them as well!
–Bobbins, you will need at least 3 but bring what you have.
–Lazy kate or a bowl to use as a lazy kate.
–Niddy noddy if you have it, if not, there will be some floating around.
– At least 400gr of fiber. Bring what you love, what you like, what you want to get rid of… You will be spinning at least 8 yarns, so don’t be afraid to bring different fibers or various colorways. You should be sure to include at least 100gr of a short staple combed top (merino/polwart as example), at least 50gr  of locks, and a carded batt.  

Bio:  Jacey Boggs 

Jacey Boggs is known for her entertaining and instructive DVD Sit & Spin, for her monthly workshops around the world, and for spinning fantastical textured yarns with a technical hand. She is a contributing editor for Spin Off magazine and is regularly featured as an author.  She is on the board of Handwoven magazine.  She blogs and podcasts at www.insubordiknit.com, homeschools her three children, knits like a maniac, and eats way too many avocados. Her first book, Spin Art: mastering the craft of textured spinning, with Interweave, is due out this fall and she’s writing another one now.
For this one off opportunity to have a workshop with a leading USA spinning tutor, we have chosen to work with Action Stations (http://www.actionstations.co.nz/) to help showcase Tauranga’s hidden treasures.
Jacey Boggs has indicated that she will be writing an article in Spin Off magazine and we want to ensure she has the best Kiwi experience possible while interacting with NZ’s enthusiastic and adventurous spinning community.
We encourage you to get behind us in this authentic experience which is not available to just anyone and is quite different from a usual tourist attraction.

Day One

Arrive at Te Puna based marae for a 3.30 pm powhiri.

Marae Experience
A family based marae set in Te Puna where you will receive a sincere and unforgettable welcome (powhiri) and an understanding of the significant role of their ancestors. You will be immersed in their culture and beliefs through their art and stories and gain an insight into their traditional connections with nature.

We will share a traditional authentic hangi meal with our hosts and will then be taken on an historical journey with Tommy Kapai, a well renowned children’s author. Tommy shall be your oral historian and will tell legends relating to the marae carvings.

Day Two

Breakfast: 7.30 – 8 30am
We will take a stroll through the orchard to the Takatimu waka. This waka was named after the founding canoes that came and settled in Tauranga Moana and are direct descents of the Pirirakau hapu and Ngati Ranginui iwi.

9.30am – Insubordiknit workshop starts.

12.00 – lunch

4.30pm – workshop ends

Evening programme: from 5 pm
Following a day of learning and creativity, relax and unwind with fellow group participants. Enjoy complimentary wine, crackers and cheese platters.

Evening dinner: 6 pm.
Take a well deserved break and be pampered with a meal prepared by the Action Stations’ cook.
Enjoy: Italian chicken penne pasta with parmesan cheese, seasonal vegetables and garlic and herbed bread. Dessert: Chocolate pudding, fruit salad and Ice cream.
Evening activities with spot prizes to follow.

Day Three

Breakfast: 7.30 – 8.30 am

9.30am – Insubordiknit workshop starts.

12.00 – lunch

4.00pm – workshop ends


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