Get Ready for Retreat 2018!

Retreat is filling up fast, but there are one or two places left for each weekend (July 27th-29, and September 7-9). Here is the class information in case you’ve been on the fence about attending. Email to book and we’ll send you an invoice. Retreat costs $250, including accommodation, all meals and classes. You will need to be a Creative Fibre member to come to retreat, but the half year new member price is only $18, so don’t let that stop you!

Friday, we welcome you to enjoy a glass of wine and some nibble with us from 7pm. Bring your own dinner, or have it before you arrive (any time from 5pm). We’ll catch up with old friends, and meet new ones. We’ll also introduce you to the weekend challenge, and you can get started on that, or work on your own projects. Or maybe (like me) you’ll still be finishing up your homework for the Saturday morning classes!

Saturday Morning Classes

Carding for Tweed Yarns with Kurt

Learn techniques for adding depth and dimension to your yarns by preparing batts for spinning tweed.

Demystifying Charts with Margaret

Avoided a project you love because the charts are terrifying? Margaret will gently guide you through the fear and help you to learn to love working from a chart. This class will also cover basic lace and cable techniques.

Reversible Cables with Lara

Love to cable, but hate the reverse side? This nifty technique makes a cable that looks beautiful on both sides of the work. Perfect for scarves, collars, and accessories where both sides of the work will be visible.

Saturday Afternoon Classes

Make a batt for art yarn spinning, and “Fake Plying” with Annette

Annette will share her own invented technique for wrapping handspun yarns to make a beautiful plied effect.

Felted Bracelets with Robin

Robin is repeating her very popular felted bracelet class for retreat. You’ll learn the basics of felting and go home with a lovely piece of jewellery.

Design Your Own Top Down Raglan with Kurt (Retreat 1 only)

Kurt will lead you through the design process, from swatch to finished garment.

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Adult Surprise Jacket with Kurt (Retreat 2 only)

Have you ever admired the clever construction of the “Baby Surprise Jacket”? In this class Kurt will discuss adding shaping to the adult version, to make your own shapely, and stripy surprise.

Sunday Morning Classes

Cable Plying with Sharon

Bring some your own hand spun yarn and Sharon will talk you through the process of making a brilliant and balanced cabled yarn.

Modern Irish Crochet with Cheryl

Cheryl will show us how to make fabulous, dimensional crochet motifs, and then join them together to make a uniquely beautiful fabric.

A Project for Any Yarn with Lara

Got some handspun you don’t know what to do with? Or some mystery balls in your stash that are missing ball bands, or just partial balls? In this class we’ll discuss how to discover the properties of your yarn, how much you have to work with, how to find friends (matching handspun with commercial yarns, or colours that play nicely together), and then how to estimate yardage, and find the perfect project to get started on.


One thought on “Get Ready for Retreat 2018!

  1. Hi Annette
    Anne Ginders –
    Saturday 28th, Morning: Carding tweed; Kurt. Afternoon: Your class.
    Sunday 29th, Irish crochet; Cheryl

    Ta muchly

    PS: I have linen fibre for us to play with

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