Fabulous Foliage

We have the opportunity to create a fibre art installation for Lopdell House. The theme is Fantabulous Foliage.

The idea is to create an installation piece for the Boxoffice in Lopdell House. This will be a collaborative work, open to all CF@Lopdell members, and probably opened to all Auckland CF members. It is curated in that it will be assembled with the pieces that work and some member’s items might not be included.

Theme – foliage, although a few flowers might sneak in and possibly even a few small creatures.

Main display – use a piece of trellis (cut to shape and painted white) for the box office itself, possibly with a base as well. This provides a physical base for attaching the foliage. This display to be full of the smaller foliage etc, and to creep out and down the wall. Do we do mini-garden? Fibre “floral” arrangement? Window through a hole in the hedge?

If we have a lot of material, and even over time – other foliage, vines etc to be used in yarn bomb fashion to carry the theme to the stair rail.

We are aiming to install this early October. Please join us in creating, in your favourite fibre fashion, foliage for this installation. Next meeting we will concentrate on working on our foliage—large and small. End of Sept, we will collect all contributions.

Please let us know if you’re are going to get involved, we’d love to see pictures of your work in progress.

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